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2019 Honda Civic Price, Specs, Release Date, Models

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Beware, Honda’s iconic car, Civic will hit 2019 market with 2019 Honda Civic. It might be a good news for any people who have wait it for long time especially, for any diehard Civic fans that always put their ear and eye for any new information about the release of development of Civic creation process.

For many years, Civic is always put as famous sedan car in this world. The car is well-known through any regions. The car is favored for its design and engine that is really outstanding. Besides, there are also other improvements given to the car that makes any people love it more. For 2019 Civic, there are some changes and improvements prepared for the car and it will be discussed here.

2019 Honda Civic Engine Specs

If you are looking forward for a new engine that is much different than before then you are lucky since the company decides to give a new engine that is better than before. Under the hood, 2019 Civic will receive turbocharged 2.0 L that will give huge energy around 280 hp – 300 hp.

The transmission system is still unknown for now but, there are some rumors that said that the car will undergone several transmission systems later. Therefore, we can say that there could be two types of transmission implemented, automatic and manual transmission.

2019 Honda Civic Exterior and Interior Changes

As we said before, Honda Civic is known for its design. For 2019 series, the car seems to go as bold-looking car. It can be seen through the 2019 Honda Civic picture that looks so bold. Even its boldness may make us disappointed but, it becomes a great thing that shows its elegance through its bold bodyline.

In addition to its bold bodyline, the other new thing seen from the car’s design is about its curvy body. Curvy body is said to be a great thing that can improve the car’s performance especially for its handling system.

You may curious about what kind of cabin that is going to be created by Honda but, the interior is not seen yet for now since, there are no pictures that are released about the cabin. Therefore, we need to be patience for waiting.

However, we can predict that there will be some advanced elements given inside the car such as, hi-tech safety features, advanced entertainment system, and great driving system. Besides, a cozy and luxurious cabin becomes the other thing that comes inside our mind while thinking about a great cabin that can make any people feel comfortable while sitting inside.

2019 Honda Civic Release date and price

Based on some information, the car will be introduced at NY Auto Show in 2016. Therefore, there might be some possibilities come that 2019 Honda Civic release date and price will be announced there.

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