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2019 Nissan GTR R36 Nismo Price and Specs

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2019 Nissan GTR is still in the progress of launching. If you really want to know some best part which will be renewed later, here is the article. Even though there is still no confirmation further coming from Nissan Company about this car as specific detail, but at least you already understood the overview of having a Nissan GTR especially in version of 2019. In order to give you better info, you might need to read more about this new car including the details of it. You will also find the fact about the car itself easily below.

Features On The 2019 Nissan GTR Including The Fact To Know

Seeing Nissan always gives the best for its customers, it must be better for the company to give the better performance also for its 2019 Nissan GTR later. You can see it from the look which becomes more modern and sophisticated. The interior design will also look more stylish so that the atmosphere of the car might be very much cozy. The air flow of the car is also good so that you will not get bad air circulation while driving the car. Since the car is not only good from its interior, let’s see more on its engine specs.

This engine specs will also includes the fact you need to know. The engine is predicted will come from Nissan Le Mans racer in version of 2015. This is a 3.6 liter V6 engine that will supply the power with turbo integration and good technology. It is also supported by good transmission so that the car later will work synchronized with the engine. Overall, the engine of this 2019 Nissan GTR will reach 550 bhp for every 6500 rpm. You might get the best driving experience since it has already in the good design and engine.

After knowing little bit about the car’s engine, you can expect how much price will be listed on this car per each. The other changes will also come following the upgrading design of the car. Talking about the releasing date, the company has not given the right and specific date of releasing. You must keep up to date so that you can catch up with the info of releasing date. When you already know about it, later it must be easy to see the special things coming from 2019 Nissan GTR, so it is worth to buy.

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